Advertising in The Trib

The Trib is a quarterly digital magazine for fans of the Erin Solomon mystery series, and the mystery genre. While the central theme is the Solomon series, there are also articles, interviews, and monthly features on other authors in the mystery/thriller genre. Because The Trib is delivered directly to mystery fans with e-readers, it is an ideal venue for mystery and thriller authors to advertise their own novels. Because the Erin Solomon series takes place in Maine, it’s also perfect for Maine-based businesses with an online shopping option to advertise their products. There are now just under five hundred subscribers to the magazine, which is also viewable to non-subscribers at the website.

Currently, half-page and full-page ad space is available in the June issue of the magazine, at great rates since I’m still growing the magazine. Currently, subscribers can purchase a half-page ad for $25, and a full-page ad for $45. I design the ads myself, and all advertisers have an opportunity to review their ad and request any changes before the magazine is published.

1/2 Page Ad, at $25

Full Page Ad, at $45

Have questions? Just send an e-mail for answers.

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