Phew! It’s been a mind-boggling couple of weeks, beginning with the very exciting news that — thanks to the efforts of my phenomenal readers and supporters — I was able to reach (and exceed) my Kickstarter goal! Since that time, I’ve been madly trying to get caught up on all of the writing and marketing and everything else that I’d fallen behind on whilst rocking out on Kickstarter.

The biggest project right now is SERIAL SLEUTHS, which I’ve mentioned in passing here and there but haven’t spent a lot of time discussing in depth because there were just too many other things happening. But, now I’m very excited to take a moment to tell a little about the project, offer a quick snippet, and share the cover. Tomorrow, the book will be available on Amazon. YAY!

There are a couple of things to note about the book.

First off: SERIAL SLEUTHS is a collection of short stories by fellow indie mystery authors whom I greatly admire, and with whom I’m supremely excited to be working. Susan Russo Anderson, DV Berkom, Joanne Sydney Lessner, and Wayne Zurl all contributed stories to the collection, each featuring their own serial sleuths in a ghostly or paranormal fix of some kind — perfect for the Halloween season! Here’s the fantabulous cover that my man Travis Pennington (he’s not really my man, in case that causes some kind of confusion — he’s just a guy I found on the Internet who designs really awesome book covers) came up with for us:

Secondly… The plan is for me to publish a couple of these short story collections each year with different indie authors of serial mysteries. Each volume will revolve around a different theme, and 100% of the net proceeds of each of them will be donated to a non-profit organization. For SERIAL SLEUTHS, Volume I: Haunted, we are donating the profits to Doctors Without Borders. You can read a little more about SERIAL SLEUTHS, the contributors this time out, the charity, and — if you’re an author of serial mysteries or thrillers — find out how you can submit a short story to be considered in the next volume of SERIAL SLEUTHS, out in February, by going here. In the meantime, all you really need to know is that the stories are fabulous and spooky, and the $.70 we authors would make from the sale of the $1.99 e-book goes directly to Doctors Without Borders.

And… Thirdly: When I first started talking about the short story I would be including in SERIAL SLEUTHS, the intention was to write a short with Juarez and Erin Solomon that took place a couple of months after the events of SINS OF THE FATHER. Well, here’s the thing. I wrote that. But then I started looking at it, and re-reading it, and I realized that for folks who didn’t know the series, it really didn’t make sense to introduce them to the whole thing by jumping headlong into the madness. So… After much thought, I decided to go a different route, and I’m thrilled with the result: a 9,500 word mystery featuring Diggs and Solomon in a place that’s particularly special to me: the Stone House, in Freeport, Maine. Erin is nineteen; Diggs is twenty-seven. There are ghosts, there’s a mystery, and there is, of course, all the angsty tension between Diggs and Solomon that I so love to write. It’s told from Diggs’ perspective, and turns out to be the perfect precursor to MIDNIGHT LULLABY, which will be out in December. Here’s a quick snippet to whet your appetite:

It wasn’t the ghosts that drew me to the Stone House. It wasn’t even the history, really. Not the mystery, nor the murder. Or murders, actually—eight of them over two hundred years before, when a supposedly upright former Harvard professor named Isaiah Burch took an axe to six of his seven children and his wife one night, then used his finest straight razor to slit his own throat.

But it wasn’t the murders that brought me to the house, either. No. Erin Solomon brought me there that day. The history and the mystery and the murder were just a convenient excuse. Solomon brought me there…

The ghosts just made me stay.

So… There you go. Diggs and Solomon, back again. I do plan on publishing the Juarez and Erin story at some point, but it actually will make more sense to fans of the series and so I may just make that available for free here on the website. Until then, however, there’s SERIAL SLEUTHS. Stay tuned for the link to purchase the e-book. My goal is to raise $1,000 for Doctors Without Borders between October 15th and December 1st, which means selling about 1430 books. I’m confident that with you’re help, we’ll be able to hit that goal!

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